We are the UK’s largest independent therapy organisation offering help and training to people from all areas of sexual diversity and gender.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of support and training services for anyone identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or any other sexual orientation or gender identities from the LGBTIQ spectrum, including non-binary genders. We aim to promote greater understanding and acceptance both within the community and across society as a whole.

There is now a wide and diverse array of gender identities and sexual expressions, and we welcome anyone who engages in consensual albeit transgressive sexualities and relationship configurations, and is seeking a safe place where they can develop their own understanding as well as feel understood and accepted. We also provide training and professional development for those seeking the necessary experience and knowledge required to tackle the issues faced by their clients and provide vital areas of support.


Training, clinical supervision and consultation for therapists who work with, or are looking to work with LGBTIQ  and gender and sexual diversity clients. We have been pioneering the provision of training in the UK for working with people with diverse sexualities and lifestyles, including those of the BDSM/Kink communities.


Our Knowledge section lists recommended reading for therapists and self-help books for clients, as well as links to other organisations and services.

Directory of Therapists

An online directory of therapists who work with LGBTIQ and gender- and sexual-diversity (GSD) clients from an affirmative standpoint.

New Online Diploma Course

Now you can become a recognised and respected expert in all aspects of Gender and Sexual Diversity.

This is a hugely important emerging field that has dramatic implications across culture, health and the emotional wellbeing of individuals. The UK’s renowned Pink Therapy offers specialist, professional postgraduate training online. You will study the many pertinent issues and interventions which arise from working with gender and sexual diversity clients, and will learn the appropriate methods and approaches required to successfully support each of them.

Pink Therapy is committed to offering high quality therapy and training from qualified and highly experienced therapists.

Our Therapists have many years’ experience of working with sexual diversity clients and are often involved in teaching and training other therapists on these issues, in this country and abroad.
Most of us have contributed to the growing body of literature about sexual diversity therapy through publishing our own research or ideas. Specifically, a number of us have contributed chapters to three volumes of Pink Therapy which are the leading British textbooks on working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients published by Open University Press/McGraw-Hill.

Mission Statement

None of the people associated with this site view people, gender and sexual diversity as deviant or sick.
They will not problematise your gender identity or your sexuality.
We have a policy of being open with clients about the provision of therapy services and the training and experience we have.
We are committed to offering training, clinical supervision and consultation to other therapists (and therapy training organisations) who are working with sexual diversity clients to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the services available.
We also want to promote self-help resources to enable gender and sexual diversity clients to work on themselves as well as providing information about low cost and free counselling and support for people on limited incomes.

Pink Therapy was featured in an article in the Observer Magazine (18 August 2002).
Dominic Davies, Pink Therapy’s founder and director featured in an article in Out in the City (August 2007)
We’ve also won an award for our website design and service to the lgbt communities!

Press & Media Section

Welcome to our press and media section. Please click on the link below to find our latest  Press Releases
If you wish to contact our Press Officer Jack Flanagan email him at press@pinktherapy.com
For urgent press comments and responses to stories call Dominic Davies 07971 205323 or Jack 07912 326032

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